Hello!Welcome to MPApps.  Here you can view the apps I have developed and released, and also get information on some of my current projects.   Right now I only develop for Android but will be working on IPhone apps soon.

A little bit about myself, I am currently a full time student at a community college studying computer science.  After a couple years at community college I plan on transferring to University of California: Santa Barbara and major in computer science.  I just completed my first semester of college taking as many computer science classes as I possible could.  I learned A LOT of C++ and took a Java class which has really helped out my app development.  I have more advanced computer science classes coming up next semester so hopefully by then I will be making more, and more advanced apps.  Along with computer science I am also passionate about graphic design.  I really enjoy the creative side of it and making something that recognizable, meaningful, but overall very simple.  Be sure to check out the graphic design section of the site and see some of my work! 



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